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This four burner quadrant flame treater can increase the surface tension and dyne level on plastic or glass bottles for printing. It has also been used in many glass bottle applications to remove residue and animal faflame treatert that lines the bottles after production. Used mostly in surface treatment to increase adhesion, the conveyor and optional accumulation table provide a great turnkey solution in a compact unit and great price.

This extremely adjustable flame treater can treat both plastic, glass, bottles, and many other size parts. The first set of angled burners will treat the back quadrants of round bottles, while the second set of angled burners will treat the two front quadrants. With independent mixing systems on each pair of burners, only one set can be used for flat or ovals. Speeds can be set to match your specific line speed of upstream or downstream equipment.

Hundreds of these units are being used in production around the world treating millions of products per year.

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