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RLS Portable (E)xisting (C)onveyor Flame Treating Systems are extremely versatile and can be used in so many applications in the plastics, glass, printing, and gluing world. Our customers can specify the number of burners, the length of the burners, and what type of controls work best. flame treaterThere are a multitude of options, including standard ignition systems for flame treating lines that are going to have the flames stay on for long periods of time, as well as high power ignition systems for quickly igniting and extinquishing the flame. The high powered ignition systems are key for application where the product is being detected, and the flame treatment system must ignite and very in a very short amount of time.

These portable flame treaters can be mounted over existing conveyors, and can be moved from production line to production line. They easily fit many molding machines since every aspect of this is adjustable. Adjust the height with a simple crank handle to match the outfeed conveyor of your molding machine. A simple quick turn of the kip handle will move your burners in and out to accomadate different size products to be treated. Compact yet powerful flame panel boxes are mounted on the t-stand for a compact fit on whatever line you choose to put this unit on.

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Portable EC flame treaters can be controlled via upstream or downstream PLCs, with the ability to ignite and extinguish the flame based on criteria like product present, conveyor running or stopped, line fault, e-stop, and any other input or output required. Independant controls can also be used on the attached flame panel, as shown in the video. Built in burner guarding makes this a complete turnkey machine.

Our portable EC flame treaters can come outifitted with a blower that removes the need for plant compressed air that may tax the plant compressor, and saves the time and money of running a compressed air line to the flame panel. RLS Portable EC flame treaters can run on natural gas or propane, and have the highest safety standard controls in the industry.

All Portable EC flame treaters come with RLS enhanced burners that have consistently provided better flame treating results than our competitors burners.