flame treaterRLS Flame Treating Systems has now added Pyrosil Pre-Treaters for UV inks and glass decorators to our award winning lineup
Pyrosil is a proprietary flame technology which has a 30+ year track record of success in pre-treating and adhesion promotion for many substrates. It is the leading pretreatment solution for glass decorators and cold end coated glass.

Our signature turnkey unit comes with a conveyor and dust collection hood, and can feed bottles right into Kammann, OMSO, and any other popular bottle printers.  Made in the USA, this pretreatment solution is available at a fraction of the cost of comparable European equipment.  Our proven system can provide 360 degree treatment without turning the bottles, even on half gallon growlers.  With the touch of a button, you have automatic ignition, continuous flame monitoring, and the proper dosing of Pyrosil into your flame.  Pyrosil is the preferred pretreatment for organic UV inks, and the environmentally friendly inks are growing in popularity – especially for wine and glass decorators in California.  With adjustable burners and guide rails, this system can run wine bottles, beer bottles, pint glasses, growlers, wine glasses, and virtually any other glass beverage container.  Pyrosil is much more than standard flame treatment – because flame treatment alone can’t solve glass adhesion issues related to cold end coatings, contamination, mold release coatings, and viscosity reducing sprays for preventing glass abrasions during manufacturing.
Get rid of that lehr!
Small glass bottles, perfume bottles, and liquor bottles are all pretreated with Pyrosil prior to UV ink printing.  RLS Flame Treating has test equipment and Pyrosil dosing units onsite for testing.  We also offer rentable hand held units for testing in your facility.  To learn more about Pyrosil and its many benefits, call 732-846-6010 or e-mail RLS Flame Treating Systems.

Click here to download our Pyrosil Informational Brochure pdf

For glass containers, Pyrosil increases adhesion, extends durability and improves scratch resistance of UV and LED Inks:
  • Pyrosil is recommended by Marabu, Dubuit, Ruco and the technology has been used with Sun Chemical and Ferro inks as well. 
  • We have built and installed systems that are used by the world’s largest glass container, bottle decorators and manufactures.

Other examples:

  • Many top automobile manufactures require their authorized body shops to use Pyrosil as a pre-treatment on their aluminum framed automobiles
  • Solar panel manufactures use Pyrosil to improve the longevity and durability of hydrophilic coatings – 80 million square feet of solar panels will be treated with Pyrosil in 2015.

In other words, Pyrosil is the leader in pre-treatment technologies.

As you would expect, the Pyrosil Systems are scalable to meet any requirements you would need for this project. Additionally, one system can be used to treat many different sized containers. For example, the same Pyrosil system used to treat ½ gallon growlers, can be powered down to treat 16oz. mixing glasses, and then run small glass perfume bottles on the same line.