Actual Machine Specifications:
The pucks will enter a servo drive “spacer” timing screw that will provide a guaranteed gap between pucks for a smooth transfer into and out of the de-pucking device. The timing screw system will be mounted off the FlexLink conveyor system and will require approximately 14”- 16” of straight conveyor length.

The puck is emptied by using a custom set of side belts that will grip the bottle and hold it while the puck is dropping down off of the product.  The product will be placed onto a table top chain (by others).

Units will be provided with adjustable stripper rails.

 RLS will use Rose and Krieger (Phoenix Mecano) vertical adjustments that are independent to allow the unit to somewhat tilt as it is raised and lowered as required.  We will also use Rose and Krieger linear left / right modules attached to gearboxes for the crank and out of the side belts. The entire system will be supported with a FlexLink structural aluminum framework.  The unit will come equipped with a photo eye that is tied into the AC drive system that will inhibit the drive should a product back up occur.

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The unit will come with an Emerson servo drive and controller for the timing screw. RLS will provide the operator interface for the timing screw so your mechanics can adjust variables without using a laptop. Controls to be housed in a 304 stainless steel enclosure.

FlexLink conveyor system extension for mounting of the timing screw and the 180 degree bend for the puck return. FlexLink model (XL, XM or XH has not been specified). Pricing is based on XL. If the others are selected a small upcharge will be included. No drive or idler are included in the pricing. (Previous Flexlink option on line 68 quote)

Speeds to be 60-80 parts per minute.

Please refer to previously sent drawings for machine layout.  Changes can be made in height and length prior to placement of order along with right or left hand set up. The cost would be reviewed depending upon the changes requested.


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