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Easy to use, durable stand-alone system; provides high level performance in flame treating the surface of plastic bottles.
Precision mixing system coupled with high quality burner system, either ring or flat, for consistency throughout entire surface treating operation.

Designed so burners (or ring burner) pivot with the chute as a unit to vary the speed of the part.
Hand-fed unit; automatic feeder can be added as an option.

Ring Burner System

Provides gravity-free drop through flaming on a wide variety of parts.
System can be mounted to existing plastic extrusion line.
Unique feature pivots the ring to match the angle of the chute and keeps product dropping through the center of the ring at all times.

Ribbon Burner System

For flat sheets; designed for sheet widths up to 48" wide.
Capable of top and bottom sheet treating simultaneously.


Welded tubular steel frame
Stainless steel drop chute
Adjustable burners or rings; up/down and in/out

Available Options

Parts counting system
Dwyer flow gauges
Blower system
Custom rings for odd-shaped parts

Demonstration Video:

Demonstration Video - YouTube Version: