Actual Machine Specifications:
RLS would provide a FlexLink XL conveyor system that would run tangentially to your existing production line.  Product would side transfer off the line onto a new conveyor system and would pass through a twin set of starwheels.  While in the second wheel, the product would be labeled on the short edge with a barcode label.

The product would then side transfer back onto the main production line.Product Handling for Labeling

  • Provide a new FlexLink XL (65mm wide) conveyor system. Conveyor to have an AC variable speed drive. All aluminum components are clear anodized.
  • Conveyor to come equipped with four 90 degree wheel bends as shown in the layout drawing.
  • Two continuous motions pocket wheels to orient the carton and present it to the labeler
  • Starwheels to be driven by an AC gearmotor with a variable speed inverter.
  • Guiderails bent for a side transfer.
  • Fixed polycarbonate guarding for the wheels.
  • Low level photo eye to start and stop the starwheels.
  • High level back up photo eye to stop the wheels       
  • Estimated speed of 100ppm.
  • An option is quoted for the twin starwheel unit on a standalone frame to sit over top of your existing conveyor.
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Unit shown made for use with an existing Quadrel labeling system


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