Actual Machine Specifications:
Photo electrics for the system will be supplied by either Automation Direct or Banner.

Supply one FlexLink conveyor system to bring the products into the timing screw. For quoting purposes, 6’ of straight conveyor ahead of the 90 degree bend is supplied. Drive will be by the cartoner.

Supports for the conveyor will be 64mm cast aluminum bases. 

Guide rails for the system will be 15mm wide.

Supply an indexing servo driven timing screw bottle handling system for the cartoner loading area.  The system is designed to stage four bottles at a time and release them once emptied.  The screw will start and stop on demand. Drive by Emerson.

Supply a servo driven pick and place system equipped with four sets of grippers that will raise up, retract over the cartoner, collapse to the proper center lines, rotate 90 degrees, and lower down into the cartoner area. The timing screw, up/down, in/out, and rotation motion will be servo controlled.  Servos for the system will be supplied by Intelligent Actuator.  Resetting the proper center lines will be with pneumatic actuators.Continued below videos....

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Grippers to be supplied by Robohand or Shunk.

Controls will be housed a Nema four stainless steel electrical enclosures equipped with a Siemans or Telemechanique rotary disconnect.

Supply one HMI to be mounted external of the enclosure for the operation and error messaging of the system.  This is to be an Automation Direct display.

The PLC for the system will be an Automation Direct unit.

Hoffman interface on control panel door.

No rework on Cam cartoner included to shorten the carton infeed or to extend the flight chain.

Electrically interface to the Cam cartoner as required for timing signals.

 Framework to be 2” 304 stainless steel.

One set of product tooling. Quick change style.

Pick up head to be adjustable to collapse to load 2 flights with 2 bottles per flight.

Speed to be 60 bottles per minute

Guard doors to be ¾” framed stainless steel with polycarbonate sheets.


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