Actual Machine Specifications:
This system is designed to have operators manually load overwrapped flash bagged garments onto a moving conveyor belt.  The product will pass under a bar code camera and detect the product specification and then go into the data bank and look up the next customer that has ordered that product.  That data will now be sent to a thermal imprinter to print out the return shipping label/invoice.  The objective of the system is to insure that the label along with 2 or 3 pieces of literature are enclosed in the final package.  The system has been quoted with 2 literature feeders.  Currently a Fashion Return Checklist and the QVC Program Guide are slated to go into the package.  The package along with the aforementioned paperwork will go into a flow wrapper that will over wrap the product.  After the product is sealed a print and apply labeler located inside the wrapper will place the shipping label on the completed product. 

There are bar code scanners located in various locations of the system.  The first bar code camera will read the product code and then the system will search for the customer data.  The next bar code scanner will verify that the related return label/invoice is properly printed with the right bar code.  The final bar code scanner is after the print and apply labeler on the discharge conveyor.  It will verify the final bar code against the two previous. 

            The RLS Enterprises, Inc. project scope is to handle the entire project from the operator load stations thru the wrapper to the final labeler.  RLS will be responsible to supply all the mechanical and electrical equipment and F&A data systems will supply the Garment Bagger Management System  (GMS).  RLS will be responsible for the entire line integration between all the pieces of hardware including the flow wrapper. All equipment will be sent to the RLS facility for setup and limited testing.  RLS will work jointly with F&A Data Systems, Inc. to provide a turnkey system.

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  • System to be capable of running at 18 pieces per minute depending upon product size.
  • The first literature feed is variable to fit in the Streamfeeder capabilities
  • The Program Guide is a 5 fold insert that measures 7 ¼” x 4 9/16” when folded.
  • The third, forth, and fifth pieces of literature are not described at this point.   Note: The same feeders could be supplied for these unknown pieces of literature.  The GMS and the PLC control system are capable of making all dispensed pieces of literature order specific.
  • The invoice label is 5 ½” x 5 ½” inches.  It will come supplied fan folded with a perforation between each label.
  • The shipping label is a 3 7/8” x 4 7/8” thermal paper.  The label will feed in the long direction.
  • The product sizes will vary in thickness from 1/4” to 6”.
  • The longest product in the direction of travel will be 20”.
  • The smallest width of the product would be 6”.
  • The material for the overwrap will be a 2.5 mil opaque polyethylene.


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