RLS Enterprises employs electrical engineers with a solid foundation in engineering principals and real-world experience in the industrial workplace. This combination helps assure that a design on paper will also work in the field.

All RLS engineers spend time in the field assisting with system design and startup to assure that each system operates and functions properly as designed. We can analyze your system requirements and automation needs to recommend the best I/O and motion control solutions for your new system. For existing systems our engineers can ask and tackle the important questions like, Do you have an unfinished control?, Do you want to improve or debug your existing sytem?, Do you need to reverse engineer your legacy control?. We also specialize in upgrading or replacing obsolete systems with cost effective new methods, components, and controls.

  • Specialties Include:
    Control Panel Assembly / Fabrication
    Operator Consoles
    Ladder Logic and Flow Chart Design
    Motor Control Panels
    PLC / HMI Control Panels
    CAD Services
    Control Panel Layout
    Electrical Schematics
    Motion Control and Drive Systems
    Single Axis AC Servo Indexing Drive Solutions
    Multi-Axis AC Servo Solutions
    Motion Control Servo Sizing 
    PLC Programming
    HMI (Human Machine Interface) Programming
    Machine Safety Solutions
    Light Curtains
    Safety Relays
    Safety Interlocks

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