Actual Machine Specifications:
The products in the pucks will enter into the new system on the opposite side of the current cartoner. RLS has included anew section of FlexLink Conveyor with an end drive as part of the system.  This will allow testing at the RLS Facility. Newgating and shuttle mechanisms will be provided.  The four pucks will enter into the staging area and be shuttled 90 degrees into the unload position.  A tooling head controlled by a Fanuc 5 Axis robot will move into position and attach to the bottles using vacuum cups with part specific tooling.  The parts will be lifted out of the pucks and the robot will rotate 90 degreesand close together between product centerlines and open to match the centers of the flights on the Cam cartoner infeed. Lower down and release onto the buckets.

The four empty pucks will return via the puck return conveyor system and the next full pucks will be shuttled into position.Continued below video....


1.  Photo electrics for the system will be supplied by Banner. Pneumatics by Festo.

2.  Provide new FlexLink components to bring the pucks into the unload area and return them back toward the existing puck return system.  RLS will provide a secondary quotation to revise the infeed to the new conveyor and also to integrate the puck return back into the system.  The bottles in the pucks will have the labels directed to the outside of the line.

3.The system would be  designed to stage four pucks at a time and release them once emptied.  The mechanism to gate the pucks would be in a similar method as currently being used.

4. Supply a Fanuc 5 Axis Model LR-200iC/5H articulated arm robot equipped with the  appropriate tooling to open and close to the appropriate centers. Payload is 5 kg.

5. Controls will be housed a Nema 12 painted steel electrical enclosure.

6. Supply one Bejier HMI to be mounted external of the enclosure off the side of the machine for the operation and error messaging of the system. 

7. The PLC for the system will be by Allen Bradley.

8. External PLC interface mounted on the exterior of the panel for access to the PLC without opening the enclosure

  1. Electrically interface to the Cam cartoner as required for timing signals.


  1.  Framework to be 2” 304 stainless steel.
  1.  Three sets of product tooling. These must be removed with an allen wrench due to the design of the tooling. Estimated change over time is less than five minutes.


  1. Speed to be 80 bottles per minute picking up four bottles at a time and loading two Cam flights per pick.
    • Guard doors to be ¾” framed stainless steel with polycarbonate sheets.


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