Actual Machine Specifications:
Supply one dual unwind stand fabricated by RLS
Upper and lower unwind positions
3” air shafts with tapered ends for ease of loading.
Roll diameter capability of 25” with a maximum weight of 400 lbs per roll
Maximum film speed to be 80’ per minute
Dancer arms to be equipped with potentiometers and air cylinders for tension control
Top and bottom rolls are mounted on linear slides with a crank handle to adjust film tracking
Each roll stand will have a dual speed drive unit
Two new speed controls located in the RLS cabinets for each unwind stand
Unwind stands to come equipped with 2 ultrasonic sensors to detect the roll diameter changes
Web width 26.5”
Supply top and bottom turning bars with associated idler rollers
Turning bar system and auxiliary idlers to be mounted on a separate framework attached to the floor and existing equipment for support
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Additional analog input and digital output cards as required for control of the unwind stands
All required programming for the system
New alarm messages on the RLS panel to display roll completion
Supply 4 “V” block style carts equipped with casters to roll to the unwind load area.  Each cart will have two swivel and two straight castors.
Cover the Packer film drive rollers with urethane to achieve a better friction drive.
Supply a compression roll tension system on the Packer drive to enhance film pull.
End plates for rolls
Floor angles for guiding the fork truck